The Chamber

The IHK represents 280.000 companies in Berlin. It brings together companies from established industries with young businesses that test out new digital technologies and thus become driving forces for innovations. In order to keep pace with the fast technological development mutual support through openness and dialog are essential.

Companies can learn a lot from each other and help each other to meet the challenges of the future. Together they can bring Berlin to the centre of attention as an international start-up capital. It is the only way for Berlin to become a serious European counterpart to Silicon Valley.

To achieve this, it is important to promote the digital development of the IHK and involve all members in this process, in order for no member to be left behind and to make sure that the whole ecosystem can gain strength in all areas.

Furthermore, for a sustainable development this approach needs to be included in the area of education. Entrepreneurship and digitalization should become part of a holistic educational program at schools and higher education. These are areas that the IHK needs to become engaged in more strongly and strengthen the bond between theory and praxis through guided programs and honorary activities.

Understanding technologies is a key competency that needs to be conveyed at schools in Berlin and that starts with teachers as well as students. This would ensure that the future generations keep up with the rapid development and that established structures will be stabilized, enhanced and will attract talented people from all over the world, who want to develop their skills in Berlin.

To further develop the chamber’s international orientation, it is important to make the services of the IHK available in English. This way even international start-up companies will be able to access and use the provided information.