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How to vote

You can vote by post or online.
You need the voting documents for voting. You can apply here:
Formular Zusendung der Wahlunterlagen

1. Find out about the candidates
2. Enter your vote on the voting paper
3. Put the voting paper in the blue envelope and seal
4. Complete the voting form and sign it
5. Place the voting paper and the voting form in the return envelope
6. Send to CCI Berlin by 14:00 on 29.5.2017.

Besides voting online, voters can also vote using the traditional method of the postal vote. The postal voting documents will be sent out in early May. For the postal vote, the voting paper and voting form must be completed and returned to CCI Berlin. The voting period ends at 14:00 on 29.5.2017. The completed postal voting documents must be received by CCI Berlin by that deadline.

1. Click on Online-Wahl at https://wahl.ihk-berlin.de
2. Complete the entry form and request a Voting TAN
3. The Voting TAN will be sent to you via SMS
4. Enter your user name (ID) and Voting TAN
5. Find out about the candidates and vote
6. Confirm your vote

You will receive your access data (user name (ID) and password) with your voting documents. To register in the voting system, you will also need to enter your personal information and mobile number, so that we can send you your Voting TAN via SMS (mobile TAN procedure). After completing your registration, you can fill out the voting paper of your voting group on the screen and send it.

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